John James Audubon
Thomas P. Barnett
Jill Barthorpe
Michael Brangoccio
Thomas Curtin
Lita van Engelenhoven
Walter Granville-Smith
Dennis Hartley
Bunny Harvey
Susan Hoffman
Sky Hoyt
James Irving
Warren Kimble
Harry Leith-Ross
Hayley Lever
Peter Miller
Edvard Munch
Margaret Jordan Patterson
Beth Pearson
Donald Ross
Jim Sardonis
Katy Schneider
Robert Schneider
Sharon Wandel
Eriksson Fine Art is an art consultancy serving clients from its Boston and Stowe offices. With a deep knowledge and extensive experience in 19th and early 20th century fine art as well as contemporary works of art, Eriksson Fine Art assists corporate and private art collectors, as well as decorators, with acquiring, selling and collecting fine art.