Edge of Nature

Friday, August 21st, from 6 to 9pm

August 21— October 14, 2015

Our fall exhibition is returning this year!

Paintings, ceramics, textiles, and glassware will be presented at Comfort Farm, 2313 West Hill Road in Stowe, Vermont. See google map

Artists include Natalie Blake, Irma Cerese, Barbara Gordon, Sky Hoyt, Hannah Sessions, Randi Solin, Kate Stiassni, and Karen Tusinski.

Exhibition curated by Gunnel Clarke.


Comfort Farm, a rustic 175-year-old barn constructed of hand-hewn beams and barnboard walls, hosts seasonal exhibitions.


SummerFall Exhibit

Saturday, September 7th, from 6 to 9pm

Paintings, photography, and sculpture will be presented again this year at Comfort Farm, 2313 West Hill Road in Stowe, Vermont. The rustic 200-year-old barn will be converted into a showcase for works by artists Dennis Hartley, Warren Kimble, Christian Kuharik, Don Ross, and Hannah Sessions.

The exhibition is curated by Gunnel Clarke.



In Our Nature: Rustic Stowe Barn is a Fitting Location for an Art Exhibit
From StoweToday.com September 13, 2012
In Our Nature Exhibition
Curators Idoline Duke (left) and Gunnel Clarke

The 200-year-old barn at 2313 West Hill Road in Stowe is hiding a few secrets behind its weathered doors.

Step inside and, instead of the cows and sheep that once called it home, you’ll find an art exhibit, “In Our Nature.” It runs through Oct. 14 and features the works of 11 local and regional artists who are immersed in and inspired by the natural world.

The barn was once home to a seasonal art gallery, but has been unused for six years. Curators Gunnel Clarke and Idoline Duke decided to bring art back to the space this spring.

The barn’s rustic structure enhances the exhibit’s nature theme. Hand-hewn beams and barnboard walls serve as effective backdrops for botanical still-lifes, abstract watercolors of local mountains and meadows, and bronze bird sculptures.

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